Only great minds can afford a simple style!

Go Grassy welcomes you to walk through the green grassy field and thus towards the simplicity and sophistication.

Over-ornamentation is the antonym of simplicity! We believe on the philosophy - “Less is more!” Less is beautiful because that allows our future to get more!

Ethnic garments of Bangladesh like Salwar suit, Panjabi, Fotua have been habitual in South East Asia since ages. Despite strong influences of western fashion, the local ethnic garments could still grow firm. This was mostly because of the prevailing strong styling background within them blended with eastern values.

Amazingly the ethnic fashions of Bangladesh were never been offered to the world market in matching quality and design! Why Bangladesh can’t popularize its ethnicity through fashion especially when it is the main source of quality garments for the rest of the world?

Go Grassy would like to act as a catalyst to initiate this process!

After taking the roots in Bangladeshi market, Go Grassy would like to venture the markets in London, New York and Malaysia where a large number of South East Asian is living happily keeping own values intact. They would be ambassadors of Go Grassy to popularize their high valued ethnicity among the local inhabitants there!

Let it be!

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